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Hey Santa Barbara!


It's that time of year!  Join our " Spring Wellness" Cleanse


**Your 30 Days begins from your start of service date! 


This year we're bringing back the Mediterranean Meal Guide. For this particular cleanse, we're leaning on plant based and home grown fruits and vegetables, with fresh fish, lean poultry, and organic herbs and spices. During this 30 day cleanse, we are eliminating red meat and sugar, along with any processed foods or ingredients. 


For the next 30 days, your lunches and dinners will be full of hearty vegetables, grains, beans, lean meats, fresh fish, homemade olive oil based salad dressings, with a limited amount of dairy.


30 days = 60 meals for  lunch and dinner combined. 


This plan works similar to our regular meal plans. Each week we'll send you a menu for review, with all your lunches and dinners planned out. If you have any modification requests, you can send them in at that time. 





Spring "Wellness" Cleanse

$685.00 Regular Price
$582.25Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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