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With so many Meal Plans to choose from, why DiCristo Meals?

Our Inspiration

We're inspired by real people...

While we're all busy adulting, we know that millions of people in this country struggle with eating healthy, time management, a lack of food knowledge, and countless other reasons WHY we can't stick/commit to a healthier way of eating. 


It is the convenience of saving time that prevents people from really paying attention to the bottom line. What are we putting into our bodies?

We've combined our passion for cooking, with our knowledge of healthy ingredients  that make our meals not only good for you, but also good to you. We've created a delicious medley of services to provide you with authentic dishes, some of which are designed to be nostalgic, comforting, and exceptionally delectable. While we are happy to provide our clients with weekly meals, we also encourage cooking for yourself. We are excited to offer cooking classes that are local, as well as online. 

Planning a party, meeting or special event? DiCristo Meals is happy to cater small gatherings and events of no greater than 50 guests. 

Let's Get Started!

Tell us more about you!

We want to know more about you, and what you need out of this meal plan service. Catering to healthy meals, vegan, keto, vegetarian, and pescatarian, we are ready to create a meal plan that works specifically for you.

We've created a foodie questionnaire for you to complete. This helps us to create a meal plan that consist of all your favorites, as well as helping you meet your dietary needs and health and wellness goals.

To complete your foodie questionnaire, click here! Once you've completed this form, continue on to our meal plan page, and select the plan that works best for you. A member of our team will reach out to confirm your order and review your plan, as soon as it is received.

All meals are delivered twice a week, and are scheduled based on the availability of our clients. 

Our Meals

Broken down just for you...

  • Calorie Conscious, with meals ranging from 325-750 calories per meal

  • We work directly with local farmers each week to source ingredients designed around the meals and menus we present weekly. 

  • We are happy to offer meal plans, and menus catering to vegetarian, keto, pescatarian, low sodium, and vegan appetites

  • We have a gifted team of trained chefs, prep cooks, and servers that are passionate about local and fresh ingredients.

  • We work out of a local commercial kitchen 4 days a week, to prep and prepare your meals for delivery on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.

  • Pause your service at anytime ( 1 weeks notice ) for up to 4 weeks

  • Families of 4 to 6 persons, will always receive a special discount each time they re-sign with DiCristo Meals.

  • All Meals Plans and Catering are prepped in a Licensed Commercial Kitchen. We are happy to provide that information as requested.

  • DiCristo Meals offers partial refunds, if requested within 3 business days from the date of purchase. From there, refunds are processed and returned within 30 business days. 

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