Updates & Notes 

A Few Notes from Coach Chris and Chef Pamela 


Thank you guys for your patience in our delivery process. We've been challenged with finding a reliable delivery driver/drivers, and it's fare to say the process has been less than smooth. 

As soon as we secure a more permanent and reliable situation, we will contact each of you individually  to arrange your weekly delivery schedule. For now, we will delivery on Sunday evening btw 6 and 7pm, Monday morning, (Monday Lunch-Wednesday Lunch) , and Wednesday evenings, btw 5-8pm (Wednesday Dinner-Friday Dinner) Please contact us directly, with any conflicts or changes for this week! 

Fitness Challenges

Each week we are posting fitness and healthy eating  challenges for you to participate in! This week, we included in the overall challenge... NO CARBS! If you are participating, please let us know asap! That will reflect in your meals for the week, so we'll need to know who's in! 


Please continue to share with us on how you are enjoying your meals. Taste and Flavor, Portion Size, Variety, and Favorite/Dislikes... are all things we want to hear about. This is how we maintain the ability to customize your meals to your liking. 


Our referral incentives program is  booming, and we Thank you! Each time you refer a new customer for meals, you'll receive 5% off. We have one client who has already received 30% off her next round of meals. When you refer personal training, and a client signs up, you'll receive 10% off !  So get to SHARING! 

The Scale 

Lastly, for those of you who are on this program for weight-loss, don't forget to share your weigh-ins with us! 

Have a great week Ahead! 

Keep up the excellent work, all of you! We are so happy that you are here, and as always, we look forward to feeding you and cheering you on! 

Coach Chris and Chef Pamela