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Organic Vegetables

"Home Economics 101" 
Student/Parent Portal

Hello Foodie Friends, Parents, and Students!!  Welcome to the Home Economics 101 portal. This a password protected section of our website, for Parents (with kids under the age of 16)  and Adult students who are currently enrolled in our Home Economics Class. Here you will find an outline of our current class curriculum, work-sheets, recipes, student "foodie" gallery, and so much more. 


If you have questions along the way, regarding anything related to our classes, future classes, recipes, food advice, schedule conflicts or more, please don't hesitate in using the "Ask Chef Pamela" chat box below. A member of our team will get back to you instantly.  If the chat sign is down, it means that no one is available to respond in real time, and will get back to you as soon as time permits. 


Kids Class 




Adult Classes


Teen Cooking Classes 12-17yrs

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