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Snack Attack

Who doesn't love snacking?! We all do! but what can we stack on in moderation, that's good for us, and good to us?!


Each week, We'll share our favorites, along with some nutritional facts. 


Cabo Chips

We love Cabo Chips! These chips are made with organic corn, with the most basic ingredients. Did we mention they have ZERO trans fat, and 100% Vegan. Not to mention, there delicious! 


Boom Chicka Pop

Considered to be a healthier version of Kettle Corn... one cup equals 37 calories. It's the closest I've come to getting my pop-corn fix, and that's saying a lot! One cup of this in between meals is a great option once or twice a week. If you share a love for pop-corn like I do... give this a try!



One of our absolute favorites, and great with huumus or almond butter! Made with real almonds, no wheat or gluten... and it's low sodium with only 3 Grams of Protein per serving! Also a great snack for on the go folks!

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