Meet Coach Christopher DiCristo

 and Chef Pamela Loreal 

Meet the creators of DiCristo Meals. They began this journey as trainer and client, to best friends, business partners, to partners in Love. 


Coach Chris and Chef Pamela began working together as personal trainer and client in the early spring of 2015. 

They quickly developed a bond, that grew into a beautiful partnership. Chef Pamela Loreal is the owner/founder of Pamela's Kitchen Table, which specializes in Southern and Cajun comfort food. Coach Christopher DiCristo is  a Professional ISSA Certified Fitness Instructor, specializing in weight-loss.

I know what you're thinking... a match made in heaven, right?! 

Safe to say... this is not the type of food Coach Chris wanted his new client anywhere near, with Chef Pamela having been over 470 lbs, at her highest weight. 

So they came to an agreement, which included Chef Pamela NOT eating any of the food she created professionally. 

Instead, Chef Pamela and Coach Chris got down to business, putting on their creative hats, and began experimenting with healthy foods.

It took some time, but the efforts paid off BIG, and Chef Pamela began creating dishes she enjoyed, which also aided in her 130 pound weight-loss!!! 

With a true understanding of how the body responds to healthy food, the results were enough to ignite a passion into spreading the word... Healthy Food ISSSSSSSS Good FOOD. 

Spreading the word is exactly what they did, and others started to take notice, and DiCristo Meals was born!

The formula was simple...Feed your body healthy food, and find activities that get you moving on a regular basis, understanding that everything in moderation is Key. 

Coach Chris and Chef Pamela not only bonded over the common goal of losing weight... that bond lead them into becoming more than just partners... they became best friends, which developed into a beautiful love. 

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